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雅思口语Part 2 《奇装异服的人》的重点在于“clothes”而非“person” 内附答案

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  雅思口语Part 2 《奇装异服的人》的重点在于“clothes”而非“person"(内附答案)

  你怎么认为这最新一季的考题?奇葩?还是just so so? 不得不说从话题的定语部分来看,这一季度part 2话题会比之前的来的更具挑战性一些。不过在我看来,不管是多么具有挑战性的话题它都有破局的方式,拿今天的话题《奇装异服的人》来举例:

  Describe a person who wears unusual clothes

  You should say:

  Who the person is

  What the person’s unusual clothes look like

  Why the person wears unusual clothes

  And explain how you felt about the person



 雅思口语Part 2 《奇装异服的人》的重点在于“clothes”而非“person” (内附答案)


  Size 大小


  Color 颜色


  Shape 形状


  Material 材料


  Decoration 装饰物


  Style 风格


  明确了“unusual clothes”的思考方向后,现在我们就可以逐一解答每个小问题的拓展方向。


  Who the person is

  有些同学可能会解决选择什么人物,但其实人物角色不受限,但受限的是在第一小问的角度拓展上。鉴于这道题有关“a person who wears unusual clothes”,我们在内容的拓展上需要尽可能的扣题以免答非所问。以下有这么几个角度可供参考:



  Example one:

  A person that comes to mind is my friend, Anna, who is also my classmate. Both of us are majoring in Finance, however, she is really into fashion, so during her free time, she does some modeling job.

  Example two:

  A person that comes to mind is my friend’s friend, Amanda. She is a famous stylist 造型师 in China and she works with many well-known celebrities in my country. Because of her job, she also has a great fashion sense and all her clothes are very unusual compared to mine.



  Example one:

  A person that comes to mind is my friend, Anna, who likes to wear unusual clothes. Actually, she is really good at sewing 缝制(衣物), so she designs and makes most of her own clothes.

  Example two:

  A person that comes to mind is my friend’s friend, Amanda. She is really fashionable and she loves reading fashion magazines. There are piles and piles 一堆堆的 of them in her room.  She has been into fashion for over 10 years and clearly has a unique and classy 高大上的 sense of style.



  Example :

A person that comes to mind is my friend, Anna, who likes to wear unusual clothes. I have always thought she is a very unique person who likes to take risks. She likes to try new things and doesn't like to conform to "normality" 符合正常.


  年龄也是一个不错的拓展方向,尤其如果你想聊的是一个老人的话。我们可以在年龄的后面加上连词“but”, 这也就意味着这个老人有着和自身年龄不符的特性。

  Example :

  A person that comes to mind is my neighbor, an old lady who is in her 80s. Even though she is a bit old, she doesn’t look her age 看起来不像她的年纪, as she wears trendy 潮流的, stylish 时髦的 clothes.

  Home address


  Example :

A person that comes to mind is a homeless person. He used to sleep in a park next to my neighborhood. I never talk with him but from his appearance, I can tell he is approximately 40 years old.  He drifts around 四处流浪 alone with his dog.


  What the person's unusual clotheslooklike


  Example one:size+color

  She has a very bold 大胆的 dressing style. She likes wearing ripped jeans 破洞牛仔裤 and all her tops 上衣 are very short, tight and sexy.

  She is also into vibrant colors 鲜艳的颜色. She likes wearing clothes that clash 冲撞. I remember once she wore a red top with yellow overalls 工装裤 and green shoes. The colors really made her stand out and people on the street stared at her.

  Example two:material+decoration

Her clothes are very unique because of the material she chooses. She doesn’t like normal material like cotton or silk, she prefers plastic and most of her clothes are made of it. Some of them are even transparent 透明的.

  At the same time, she likes to choose things to decorate her clothes with, like a big Barbie on the back or zips 拉链 up and down 到处都是 the sleeves 袖子.


  Why the person wears unusual clothes

  不管你是否知道这个人为什么喜欢穿一些奇装异服,我们都可以从“unusual clothes”本身所具备的特性出发来回答这个问,而此类衣服带来的主要两点优势在于:

  Make people stand out 脱颖而出

  Show one’s personality 展现个性


  Example :

At first, I thought she likes to wear unusual clothes because she wants to stand out from the crowd, but after talking to her, I realized that her clothes do not represent her. She wears those clothes for her work. As a stylist, she has to meet and work with people in fashion so she needs to make a good impression.


  How you feel about the person



  Example :

I think she is a very brave person and also my role model. When you wear unusual clothes it is easy to get judged by the public, but she doesn’t care, she just ignores the comments and does what she wants to do. Because of this, she never feels depressed. Instead, she uses her clothes to show off her personality and she is proud of it.

  Example :

Actually, I am not really judgmental and I also know it is everyone’s freedom to choose what they want to wear, but I still think it is unsuitable to wear these type of clothes if you are not going to a fancy party. They are uncomfortable and draw people’s attention. To some extent, I don’t think it is a good thing to be too noticeable.



  Who the person is

  A person that comes to mind is a homeless person 流浪汉who sleeps in the park next to my neighborhood. I have never asked him but from his appearance, I can tell he is approximately 40 years old. He walks around alone with his dog.

  What the person’s clothes look like

  As he doesn’t have any money, he dresses in old tatty 破旧的 clothes.  He has a mismatch of 不匹配的 clothes depending on the temperature.  In the wintertime, he wears all of his clothes together to keep himself warm and in the summertime, he mostly wears a stained 沾了污渍的 t-shirt with holes in it, a pair of ripped 破旧的 trousers and some old boots.

  Why the person wears unusual clothes

Unlike others who want to stand out by wearing unusual clothes, he has no choice. For him, keeping warm and keeping safe is the only thing he cares about. Clothes and what he looks like are not a priority 优先考虑的事 for him.

  How you felt about the person

I feel sad when I see him and I also feel disappointed in our society. Because of the clothes he wears, people laugh at him and children call him names. Nobody stops to talk to him or offer him a helping hand. They don't give him the time of day. Whenever I can I take him a cup of hot chocolate and cake which he really appreciates.